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Reduce Facial Inflammation with Massage Rolling

Posted on by Danielle Guthrie

We're not the first ladies to talk about facial rolling and gua sha, and I'm sure we won't be the last. Everyone from Goop to HUFFPOST has been testing and raving about the benefits of this ancient ritual — but I can tell you first hand, it works.

I first purchased my roller to reduce swelling along my jawline. Each morning after my shower I would roll from center to ear along my jaw line and under my eyes. And then again at night after applying my favorite glycolic treatment. After just one week, my puffiness along the jawline due to inflammation reduced greatly.

I also love the soothing cool feeling of the roller. Facial massage rolling has also been attributed to: reducing stress, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and it helps your face creams and serums penetrate more deeply.

It’s not a cure all (nothing is), but it's an easy and beneficial addition to your facial routine each day.

With the health and beauty benefits, and availability at a low cost, it’s a no brainer in our book. Try our favorite cost-friendly roller and roller + gua sha set.


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